8 Power Supplements for Improved Vitality and Well-Being

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“Healthy” is a word that’s tossed around a lot, and it can be used in lots of applications and refer to many aspects of our lives. When someone says they want to be or get healthy, to me that means they want to achieve a sense of overall wellness—meaning they don’t just want to be free of diseases or conditions, but that they want to be able to function all day, every day, without any complications arising (no lack of energy, no anxiety, no loss of sleep, etc.).

Someone who is in optimal health functions with zero or very small levels of discomfort; adequate energy levels; a steady, optimistic mental state; balanced hormones; quality sleep; healthy skin and physical appearance; and excellent muscular and fitness levels.  This seems rare these days in many people’s lives.  

Inflammation is the greatest threat to all the above. Both our diet and our habits create issues of inflammation, and all diseases related to aging are created by chronic inflammation. So, regardless of your age or health level, the time to start reducing inflammation is now, and the best way to do so is with natural nutrient supplementation and proper diet choices.  To learn about the optimal low inflammatory diet download the FREE E-Book “Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired” at www.nutritionw.com

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Whether you are already in good health or looking to get there, once you have achieved it, of course you want to preserve it for many more years by following wise guidelines.

Here are the main supplements I recommend for optimal health and wellness for every single person:

  • Vitamin D (actually a hormone) is a crucial component of good health, which can act on the genetic structure of the body to preserve health and wellness.
  • Curcumin is one of the most incredible plants on earth. It reduces inflammation and maintains mental functions as we age.
  • Omega 3s from fish oils are crucial for brain function and also reduce inflammation.
  • Vitamin K allows calcium to enter the bones to prevent bone loss.
  • Methylfolate is a natural version of folic acid that can be amazing at protecting our health. (Research over the past five years has actually shown that synthetic folic acid can be harmful to consume.)
  • Multiple Vitamin that has food grown nutrients as its source.
  • Probiotics to fuel the immune system and brain chemistry balance.
  • Green Drink:  these drinks help lower acidity levels which devastates our health and they also offer the benefit of strongly detoxing our body from toxins.  

The body carries its own medicine and strives every minute to create optimal health. Our job is to give the body the healthy foods, exercise and natural supplements it needs and then get out of its way. The biggest argument I hear against doing this is cost—insurance companies are not going to pay for your preventive supplements, after all—but the cost is paltry compared to the costs we incur when we are constantly sick and functioning below par.

For more information, check out my e-book Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired. Please visit us at Nutrition World or our website at www.nutritionw.com for more information.

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