A Breakthrough New Baby Formula – Helping Moms Find the Healthiest Choice

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Our precious little ray of sunshines, the extension of our hearts, our babies. No matter what decision we make as parents, I truly believe we always want what is best for our children. I think this goes for their education, their environment, and their food. Their food becomes an especially big deal when babies only eat one food: breastmilk or formula. 

When you Need Baby Formula

We all know there are important nutrients in breast milk. So it goes without saying that breastmilk is the gold standard. However for many reasons, a mama may choose

  • not breastfeed,
  • be unable to breastfeed, or
  • may be at a stage of weaning the baby where it is time to pick out a formula.
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Sadly, the majority of formulas on the market are filled with a plethora of GMO derived corn ingredients, GMO soy and the largest allergen, dairy from cows milk that is casein based. 

What’s in Your Formula?

Cow milk contains an extremely allergenic protein called alpha s1 casein which is recognized by the body as a foreign antigen or invader. It is the number one allergy causing substance in kids under three. This goes to say that oftentimes mamas will notice their babies have an increase in digestive problems, eczema, diaper rashes, ear infections, and the list may go on. We all know now that true health begins in the gut so if a baby is experiencing issues breaking down their formula then a symptom will then arise. 


As I saw my little one was beginning to wean a few years ago, I knew I wanted to find the best formula possible. So I began to search. I was elated when I found it, Mt Capra’s goat milk formula


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Mt Capra’s Goat Milk Formula

This special formula was created by Joe Stout who has his Masters of Science in Clinical Human Nutrition. He created a formula utilizing the proteins, fats and healthy carbs from 9 real ingredients, focusing on goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk. As mentioned above, milk from goats is a smaller, easier to digest molecule size than cows so little growing tummies have a much easier time breaking it down for digestion. The formula still follows the guidelines stated within the 1980 Formula Act that details quantities of macro and micronutrients. However, the big difference with this formula is the sourcing of ingredients to achieve these nutrients. The big differences come into play from the wholesome fat content used, the highly optimized fatty acid profile, no carriers or fillers, the bioavailability of the proteins, quality assurance, and sourcing of ingredients. 


The beauty of this formula goes even beyond the ingredients but even into how the goats are treated and fed on the farms. The goats are never fed any GMO grains, they are fully grass fed, never administered antibiotics and roam thousands of acres of a family farm in the Pacific Northwest.  Joe Stout created a guide to show the similarities between breast milk and goats milk formula. 


Comparison of Breast Milk to Homemade Baby Formula

Per 5 ounces Breast Milk Homemade Baby Formula
Calories 103.5 100.7
Lactose 10.7 11.1
Fat 5.76 5.3
Protein 2.04 2.3


Recipe: Ingredients in 8 oz Every Bottle

 14 g Whole Goat Milk Powder (1 level scoop) 

1 tbsp Goat Milk Lactose

½ tsp Goat Milk Ghee or coconut oil

¼ tsp Hi-Oleic Sunflower Oil or olive oil 

⅛ tsp Expeller-Pressed Grapeseed Oil 

⅛ tsp Unsulfured, Blackstrap Molasses

**Use these ingredients in just ONE bottle per day.

3/4 scoop Head Start™ Multi vitamin Powder

1.3 grams Nordic Naturals® DHA Infant Based on weight

 1 scoop Goat Milk Colostrum (1.45 grams)

1 scoop Flora Start™ Kids Probiotics


This formula is a dream come to true for mamas who are looking for real food for their babies, mamas who had trouble with breastfeeding and need the best replacement and mamas who are transitioning from breastfeeding over to milk. This formula can grow with the baby as it transitions up to a toddler recipe as well. 


 If I could go back and share a little words of wisdom to myself when I began making this formula it is, don’t be afraid to hand mix your own formula at home. You will get the hang of the measurements, mixing and bottles. And hey, breast milk naturally changes depending on the mama’s diet, so if each bottle has a tiny amount of variance with your own measuring, it is all good. 


Ready  to make the switch to this formula?


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