The Answer to “What can I do to lose 30 lbs?”

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The question, “What can I do to lose 30 lbs?” has been the perennial question asked of me since I opened Nutrition World in 1979.

I have watched many hundreds of diets come and go over the past 4 decades, (all of them claiming to be effective for losing weight) yet many people continue to be one skittle away from obesity.  I have distilled into a brief overview certain guidelines that I feel apply to the majority, (not all) of overweight individuals.  Despite so many health professionals still preaching, “just push away from the table” or “calories in equals calories out,” research proves that the unbalanced chemistry of the individual plays the most important role in losing and maintaining weight.

I have observed in thousands of individuals that if the body chemistry is far out of harmony, eating perfect and going to the gym 7 days a week may produce little to no results.  

Here is what I know about losing weight:
  1. Insulin and blood sugar interact with the myriad of our chemistry and when these 2 levels are out of harmony, natural body weight will be very difficult to achieve despite proper diets.
  2. Eating too little food or missing meals causes more chemistry imbalance in the long run which furthers alters the chemistry imbalance.
  3. Carbohydrates play the major role in causing the liver and pancreas to set the chemistry in motion to hold onto fat cells.
  4. If the chemistry of the body is perfectly healthy, losing weight comes back to the common sense approach of proper food choices and exercise.  
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As you can see, I totally believe that chemistry of the body is paramount to achieving your goals.  The best ways to learn how to rebalance your chemistry can be achieved by any of the following…
  1. Finding an expert with experience who can counsel you. (not easy and can be very expensive)
  2. Start your day, for 30 days, with my Magic Breakfast Drink Recipe.
  3. Read the Free e-book “Are you Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired” on This free book offers information and steps to follow with food choices and supplements whose purpose is to fix the unhealthy chemistry of the body. Click here to get the ebook.
  4. Inquire with our Ideal Weight Loss Specialists about The Ideal Protein diet plan. The Ideal Protein Diet has helped our customers for 6 years with a 97% success rate. This diet helps promote rebalance of the body chemistry with exacting methods verified by science and experience. For more information, please call us at 423 892 4085 or click here for more information.
  5. My most recommended product to assist in lowering appetite and blocking calories is PGX. PGX is a very specialized fiber that accomplishes two goals when taken 15 to 30 minutes before meals. Firstly it expands in your stomach so that it reduces appetite and secondly it reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. I have seen this product work very effectively and improved blood work reveals its magic in helping achieve optimal blood sugar levels. To listen to Dr Murray explain in 3 minutes the effectiveness of PGX, click here.


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