Are depression and anxiety really due to a deficiency of drugs?

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A doctor named Weston Price long ago heard of native cultures around the world where almost all the people were free of disease and depression.

He traveled to find these small communities of people who had astounding health in order to learn their secrets. He documented his research in the Price’s masterpiece book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. This book contained many of the 18,000 photographs he had taken of the super healthy men and women.  

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If you would prefer to receive this info in a video format, Ed Jones discusses further below.

What we now know through current research is that the lack of depression and anxiety in these communities was intimately connected with their diet and the biggest component of this is due to the health of their intestines.

Research has now shown that 70% of our brain stabilizing neurotransmitters are produced within the gut lining and not the brain! Click To Tweet

  This means that perhaps we have been looking into the wrong place to solve these issues all along!

My experience in almost 40 years of coaching and educating individuals continues to reinforce the following conclusions in my mind:

  1. Depression and chronic anxiety is often a downstream effect of a critically imbalanced blood chemistry and gut integrity and not a deficiency of Prozac or Xanax.
  2. Disruption to the health of the intestines include medications, gluten, herbicides, stress, and infection.  Addressing these gut ecology enemies is imperative to rebalancing the brain chemistry for alleviating depression and anxiety.
  3. Aggressively reinolucating the proper intestinal probiotics that are specific to brain chemistry such as Lactobacillus helveticus and Bifidobacterium longum along with a host of other probiotics is a must.  These types are not commonly found in most supplements.
  4. Blocking the effects of the toxins to the gut lining is the next step that allows for the true regeneration of the ability of the body to balance brain chemistry. The main method that is effective for blocking the gut damaging foods and chemicals can be found in the ingredient Terrahydrite. Ingesting small amounts before each meal prevents the absorption of chemicals and also temporarily seals any leaky gut issues. To learn more about Terrahydrite, click here.
  5. Lastly is accepting the reality that the brain actually has to rewire itself from long-term drug therapy and working with a health professional who understands functional medicine is very important. Focusing on nutritional needs such as Vitamin D, Omega 3’s, Curcumin, and folate helps complete the puzzle of healthy chemistry.
  6. An online program to learn more about this topic can be found at Dr. Kelly Brogan MD.  On this site, you can listen to others who have faced all of the issues of this article and found life-changing methods that worked to get them off medicine.  Click here for the info.

If you are ready to blaze the trail of your own radical healing, I encourage you to accept within yourself an open mindedness and let go of the old dogma that is so ingrained within our healthcare system.  


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