Ed’s Breakfast Drink Recipe: The Most Tasty and Healthy Way to Start Your Day

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Originally published 2018, Updated Feb 2021 – Breakfast Drink Recipe

This sounds strange, but visiting auto parts stores in the 70s was a common event for me. Entering the auto parts store, I immediately gravitated to the fuel additives aisle. I was intrigued by the claims on the additive containers. They claimed to extend the life of the engine, increase horsepower, and improve fuel efficiency for my 1966 VW Bug. Magic elixirs. I knew in my heart they were the key to my automobile never breaking down and lasting for decades. The ugly truth, however, was these claims were unfounded. And more than that, they were probably a waste of my allowance money.
The same attraction to hacking my car’s systems carried over to my body. I have spent a lifetime exploring how to extend health and performance in the physical body.
The automobile products had little benefit. But the proper nutrition interventions offer life changing benefits to bodies. Sadly, this is not commonly known by most healthcare practitioners. And that’s why I’m sharing what I’ve learned over the years. I have one absolute rule for creating optimal health. And I am confident it will change your life for the better within less than 30 days!

Information Overload

Different opinions? We’ve got them. As a matter of fact, “trusted information” in the nutritional supplementation, foods and lifestyle areas is tough to find. Every health coach, trainer, physician, dietician, major diet program, and movie star has a different idea about how to be healthier.
I do not have all the answers to the questions of nutrition. But I have been in this field for over 40 years. And I have realized one concept that is non-negotiable. And this concept could change your life forever.

Blood Chemistry Is The Secret Sauce

I believe that even the skeptics of my ideas would agree on the following concept:
The blood chemistry of a young individual under 25 years old is almost always optimal. The end results of young blood chemistry is phenomenal health.
The health of most young people exudes resilience. Their energy is optimal. Their lipids are ideal. Inflammation is extremely low, aches and pains are rare. Their kidney and liver function is amazing! And recovery from illness or injury is far quicker than most over 45 years of age. If you are not a young kid anymore, that’s ok. But you can likely recall how youth felt a few years back.
So, how do we explain the decline of almost every aspect of our body as father time waves his harsh wand? It is found in our BLOOD CHEMISTRY!
If we could maintain the ideal blood chemistry of youth through aging, we would see the following differences:
  • We would age very slowly.
  • We would maintain youthfulness decades longer than we do now.
Research shows that genes influence many factors in our health. However, maintaining optimal (not average) blood chemistry can overcome our genes.
You can affect your blood chemistry, no matter your age. The most powerful way to reach optimal blood chemistry is with this one simple step.

Stop Eating Your Breakfast and Start Drinking It

Before you balk, let me explain. This drink recipe has the power to change your blood chemistry more than any other therapy I have ever known.

The first meal of the day

Examining extensive blood work from thousands of individuals revealed to me that the first meal of the day does the following:
  1. Sets the levels of a variety of blood factors that influence the entire waking day.
  2. Optimizes or decreases the fat burning constituents of blood – insulin, glucose, adiponectin, inflammation and hormones.
  3. Improves or decreases levels of physical energy and brain focus throughout the day.
  4. Increases or decreases cellular aging factors.
Experimenting for decades on my own chemistry and observing the tens of thousands of clients has proven clearly to me one single concept. If we can start our first meal of the day as close to “perfect” as possible, we will see life changing results. So, what is perfect? Well, we need the right levels of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and nutrients.

How Our Bodies Operate

Our bodies operate like a thermostat on our HVAC unit in our homes. Breakfast foods that thwart our blood chemistry, throw many of our systems out of harmony within minutes of consumption. Consuming the wrong ratios of food is similar to turning the thermostat very high as soon as you wake up. Sadly, unhealthy chemistry, caused by our breakfast continues throughout that day. And you can’t fix it with better food and lifestyle choices later in the day.
Each day we get a fresh start. And the first intake of nutrition sets the stage for the entire waking hours. This is why just 30 days can change your life. Everyone who commits to 30 days on my “Breakfast Elixir” can feel younger and more vibrant than ever. Plus, it tastes delicious and takes only 4 minutes to make from start to finish!

The Recipe

The recipe requires 3 separate products. Following my exact directions is important. Altering the formula has always resulted in reducing benefits, from my observations.
Green Vibrance/ Natural Factors Greens. (The only two brands that meet my specifications.)
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Fiber (There is no THC. This is not CBD.)
In a blender mix:
Two scoops of Metagenics Ketogenic Powder
One Scoop of Greens Powder
Two tablespoons of Hemp Fiber
8 to 12 oz of cold water
Blend until smooth and drink immediately.
For those of you who want to try this drink, we’ve created an easy bundle for purchase that offers great savings.
Additional Notes
I take my morning breakfast nutritional supplements with my drink. If I desire an increased fat burning effect I will add one tablespoon of MCT oil before blending.
Pro tip: To prevent burnout, I recommend eating breakfast one to two days per week. Allow yourself within reason whatever foods you desire.
I have utilized my Breakfast Elixir for many years and have tweaked it as needed to improve results. I continue to research the newest information on health. So that means, I will continue updating the recipe if deemed necessary for increased benefits.
I can assure you that many factors within your body will respond favorably to this drink. You can bring back the horsepower to the engine of your life. Embrace this Breakfast Elixir and you’ll find yourself in the community of people who have gently smacked the hand of father time!
Your best life awaits you!
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