IT Director

Brittany Wattenbarger

A computer genius with a comprehensive knowledge of supplements makes Brittany a powerhouse employee. She works hard behind the scenes to make sure the store operates at peak efficiency with all of our technology.

I was raised in a family of farmers— most of my meals as a child included several servings of vegetables straight from the garden. Being raised in this environment, wellness has always been important to me! However, my journey with nutrition really began in 2012, when I was diagnosed with celiac disease at age 19. After my diagnosis, I realized how important it was to research everything I was putting on my skin and into my body. Knowing what I was using and consuming became even more important to me when I started my family  

This research culminated in my cookbook, which featured healthier versions of recipes I grew up with. During the research, recipe development, publishing process, and marketing, I discovered my passion for teaching people how to choose healthy foods and create exciting, healthy recipes for their families. 

I am excited to be part of the Nutrition World team, where I can use my expertise and experience while deepening my own knowledge about nutrition and supplementation. 

When I'm not at Nutrition World, I can usually be found running, writing, trying out new recipes with my family, or thinking about hockey.