Buy Supplements Online? Here’s Why You May Be Wasting Your Money.

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There is no doubt we all have enjoyed the efficiency of ordering products from Amazon. Their product selection and speedy delivery are definitely a nice perk. But, if you buy supplements online, we want to provide some words of caution. Please note that this applies to other online stores as well as Amazon.

It’s Hard to Vet Nutritional Products from Third-Party Sellers

Third-party resellers offer many of the items on Amazon that you can buy. Resellers aren’t monitored to the same level as it relates to quality, transparency, or contamination. Or any of a dozen other factors that affect the quality of the supplements you order. To be quite honest, we don’t know how they get the products they sell. 
On Dec. 18th, 2019, the Wall Street Journal printed a revealing story entitled, “You Might Be Buying Trash on Amazon-Literally”. They found that individuals took food products from retailers’ dumpsters and offered them for sale. It is an eye-opening article and will make you think twice before making purchases online.      
When it comes to nutritional items, third-party resellers from any online platform cannot be trusted. All due to the potential of changing expiration dates, refilling containers with questionable ingredients, and of course zero knowledge on how the product was stored or obtained.  
If you buy supplements online from Amazon or a platform like it, it is best to see that you’re buying from that brand’s shop versus an unknown party. You’ll find this information below the name of the product. It will say, “Visit the (company name) Store” underneath. If it’s not the official page of that brand then steer clear. 
Another important thing to look for is what it says in the “ships from” near the “add to cart” button. If it’s not shipping from Amazon, you don’t know where it’s coming from or what condition it’s being stored in.
When you buy supplements online, you need evidence of the timeline of production, storage, and any factors that would reflect the integrity of the product. This is impossible to find with third-party resellers.

Heat Damages Nutritional Products

The average UPS delivery truck gets up to 140 degrees in the summer. This is fine when ordering commodities like printer paper, computer parts, or watches. But, what do you think happens with the potency of your vitamins and supplements sitting in the truck? The potencies plummet when exposed to heat for more than one hour. This leads to losing key nutrients that you’re paying for which equals no benefit to your body!

What’s the Solution?

You shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of your supplements. I understand all too well the tremendous benefits to our health with adding the proper nutrients to our bodies
But, I also realize the potential for ineffective nutritional products due to exposure to heat in shipping. So we decided to be different. We not only vet all our products and have a transparent supply chain, but we also make sure they are taken care of in transit too.
Want to know what ingredients to avoid in supplements? Check out this article on Supplement Safety.

What Makes Nutrition World Different?

I opened Nutrition World in 1979. When we started our online store back in 2019, we knew we were going to be different from other online stores. For one, all our products undergo vetting by our staff with over 100 years of combined experience. Orders of probiotics and Omega 3 are shipped with ice packs to preserve the integrity and potency. Especially since those products are heat sensitive. We have a climate-controlled warehouse too.
I realized that we should offer this on ALL orders shipped anywhere in the United States. We offer an ice pack option for $1 per pack when you place an order! This would offer the highest level of protection possible for your fragile nutraceuticals. Just add those onto your order if you want that added protection.   
I encourage everyone to buy nutritional products either from quality stores or order from our shop for value-priced, quality products with the add-on option of ice packs.   
My passion in life is nutrition and health. So, thank you for the past 40+ years of loyalty and support.

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