Ed’s Top 3 Tips for Health in 2019

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Embracing this season of my life as I close in on 62 years of living has taught me some valuable lessons regarding my health.

Many years ago when Father Time first started tapping me on the shoulder whispering, “Hey Ed, please don’t ignore me. I am the only body you will have and this life of yours is fleeting, so don’t waste our time. I plead with you to take really superb care of me.  

Luckily for me, I listened.

Here I reflect on the top three lessons for the new year regarding achieving wonderful health. 

1. Choosing your foods and supplements simply because of low price will only end up costing you heavily in the long run. High quality, clean and nutritious foods always cost somewhat more but nothing close to the money you will spend in an attempt to recover your lost health once it disappears.

2. Did you know sitting is now called the new smoking? Inactivity will rust your body just like a car in a junkyard. Daily devoted active movement is the only remedy for this epidemic issue.

3. Learn how to be joyous in your life. Remember that being happy is not a birthright. It takes daily practice to not believe the fearful thoughts wired within us due to society, family, and life. Fear kills dreams, joy, and destroys health if left unchecked. Establish a daily practice to come to peace with our internal chaos and fearful thoughts in order to achieve optimal physical and emotional health. However, I warn you to not let it slip through your fingers before it is too late.

May my gift to you in 2019 be that of remembering the amazing miracle body you now inhabit and never take it for granted. Your body wants to be your best friend, so treat it like you would a loving companion or child, and it will love you back with abundant potentials for your life.

Nutrition world is committed to being your partner on your journey to health in 2019 and beyond.

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