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This nutrient extends the life of a bee, imagine what potential it has for you!

Coenzyme Q10 nutrient has a colorful history of potential benefits to our body such as energy, immune health, preventing declines associated with aging and a myriad of other benefits. Q10 plays a vital role in the energy production part of the mitochondria of every cell which is the mechanism that produces energy for the body. Aging, poor health, statin drugs and disease all significantly reduce this nutrient. Diets contain only small amounts so many experts believe that supplementation may be the only reliable method for maintaining this life-saving nutrient.

Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies are available for those interested, but I found this recent entry on how Q10 treatment on honeybees extended their health and life significantly. The results appeared quite impressive on the almost anti-aging effects of Q10 on the bees. Honeybees, (apis-mellifera) is a model organism for biochemical gerontology so we may assume that further studies may confirm similar effects on humans. The study can be viewed HERE.

My personal dose of Q10 is 100mg to 200mg daily with food and the newer form, Ubiquinol may offer even higher absorption levels than Q10. One word of caution however is that brand choice is important and at Nutrition World we are constantly vigilant to only offer you the best quality and value available in the U.S. You can trust Nutrition World to be your partner in achieving optimal health.

Another study I recently reviewed showed it takes far longer to reach therapeutic levels of Q10 than previously expected which means it may take as long as 1 year to treat low levels rather than what we previously assumed.


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