Feel like You’re Living in an Ashtray? Overcome the Toxic Air with these 4 Simple Tips.

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Nutrition World > Blog > Feel like You’re Living in an Ashtray? Overcome the Toxic Air with these 4 Simple Tips.

All of us living around the Chattanooga area are experiencing the worst air quality of our lives. The only time similar to this problem was when I was young in the 60’s and the TNT plant spewed copper colored toxin waste that darkened the skies on many days and burned our throats to breathe.

I hear health stories daily from dozens of clients who are suffering the effects of this stagnant, dry and smoke filled atmosphere. Even optimally healthy individuals are commenting on increased aches and pains, low energy levels, shortness of breath and mood changes. My life studies on health and disease have revealed to me the following truth. We are so interconnected to our world that when something is dramatically out of balance in the environment, we lose our harmony and balance within ourselves and poor health ensues.

image00The theory about health as it relates to toxins which cause disease and poor health is analogous to the cup running over story. Our bodies are truly magic miracle machines as to how they can take some of the worst insults of bad habits, unhealthy foods, and poisons that surround us and still keep going. The day of personal health collapse, however, will begin when your bodies cup starts running over with accumulated damage of bad foods, low nutrients and lack of exercise. The lack of sleep builds onto the fast foods that further builds on the lack of vitamins and the day your physical chemistry simply cannot hold anymore, your health breaks down.

In order to ensure long healthy lives, we must manage these damaging habits every day to ensure we are kept in a healthy balance of building health opposed to tearing it down. Click To Tweet

“The theory about health as it relates to toxins which cause disease and poor health is analogous to the cup running over story…”

The following steps have the potential to improve the health of our lungs and body as we deal with the forest fire smoke.

image061) If you have a Kindle, immediately go to the following link to learn how Dr. Buteyko discovered in 1952 how improper breathing technique has created asthma, sleep apnea, allergies, COPD, anxiety, low energy, and dozens of other conditions.

2) Overbreathing and thinking we should inhale deeply and quickly is a recipe for poor health. For those who want to learn more about this amazing technique in addition to the book, click HERE.  I practice this breathing technique daily as I was taught by a Buteyko instructor last year and the results are beyond belief.

3) In order to not allow excessive smoke to overwhelm our systems, we must have a long break within every 24 hours. I recommend purchasing a HEPA air filter large enough for your bedroom so that at least during that 7 to 8 hours your body can modestly rid itself of what it accumulated during the day.

4) I recommend strongly considering the following nutrients to support your lungs:

N.A.C. This is a special amino acid that turns into the ultimate detox molecule called Glutathione. Glutathione could take almost any damaging toxin that harms us and break it down into components as simple as water. Young people have very high levels of this and that is why they are more resilient than aging bodies. N.A.C. has vast studies on its ability to support lung health by decreasing mucous and ridding damaging substances from within the lung. The normal dose is one 500mg twice daily.

Vitamin C
: Almost all animals on earth except three have the genetics to produce almost unlimited amounts of Vitamin C when the body is experiencing stresses or illnesses. I can assure you that all wildlife living in the mountains where the smoke is present has vastly increased their own production of Vitamin C to ensure its optimal breakdown of these toxic residues. I am taking 1000mg multiple times daily.

Cordyceps is a powerful mushroom that within one hour of consuming  will allow for easier breathing by relaxing the bronchioles. It has been used by cultures throughout the world for hundreds of years to maintain optimal lung function. I used it when I climbed Mt Yale last year as I journeyed over 14,000 feet and it was a lifesaver. Taking 3 to 4 capsules will make for the feeling of easy air in and out of the lungs and last about six hours.

Read the free E-Book, Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired and attempt to eat from the recommended food list for optimal health. Stressful episodes of our life call for having discipline in other areas that can help compensate for the cup running over into unhealthy symptoms . Eating clean, supplementing wisely, consuming pure water, etc is very well covered in this free e-book. To receive the Free E-book click HERE.


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