Finally a Safer Sunscreen!

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We all take for granted that what we have always done in our life is safe and effective but new information almost weekly is strongly suggesting that so much of our treasured rituals may be in question.  Ideas such as medical screenings, stents for heart disease, cell phone safety, drinking wine for health, etc.  One area that I have been concerned with for years is the tremendous toxic chemicals that make up sunscreens.

The use of sunscreens over the past decades has been accepted as gospel to protect  us from the evils of the sun yet for some reason sun damage and visits to dermatologists are skyrocketing!  I feel this is due to two reasons.  1.  Low Vitamin D creates a situation where the skin is much more vulnerable to damage,( we are low because we hide from the sun and use sunscreens).  2. Sun tan lotions have been one of the worst most toxic brews of chemicals ever sold to the public.  Exposure to these chemicals as you bake under the sun is complete non-sense.

For years, in looking for companies marketing suntan lotions that are truly natural, I must admit it has been a frustrating journey.  The use of the word “natural” does not have any real meaning to it anymore because legally their is such a wide range of definitions for the term.  When reading the labels of most suntan lotions you would have to be a bio-chemist to understand the contents.

Last month however I found a company, Elemental Herbs, that has marketing suntan protection that is as close to natural as I think we will ever find.  I used the product and was very pleased how easy it went on without being greasy.  Nutrition World is now carrying Elemental Herbs Sunscreen and for more information you can log onto their site at


P.S.  Elemental Herbs also has a product called All Good Goop which is a phenomenal array of herbs such as Calendula and Comfrey which is labeled great for minor burns, cuts, chapped lips, bites, and cracked heels.  It has been years since I have seen a Comfrey product because it was almost removed from the market years ago because ingesting large amounts is not healthy but applying it is perfectly safe.


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