How to Lose Weight: “Quarantine 15” Edition

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How has quarantine affected you? Whether emotional or physical, quarantine has left many people feeling a bit off. In the physical aspect, one of the most common complaints I’ve heard relates to unwanted weight gain. Or a feeling of increased flabbiness in the body. If this applies to you, know you’re not alone.

I experienced a loss of fitness due to my routine being upside down for so long. I am quite disciplined when I operate within my scheduled, structured life. But, even I’m not immune to the physical consequences. When almost all options for exercise ceased and food establishments closed, I went into a tailspin. I have a very fast metabolism, so I did not gain weight. But I lost fitness and muscle and I saw an increase in my body fat. I don’t know about you but seeing that was downright depressing at moments.  
If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t panic. I want to reassure you that not all is lost. Regaining your fitness and losing that excess weight is possible. To help you along your journey, we’ve identified 3 tips for losing weight – “Quarantine 15” edition.  

Weight Loss Tip #1: Time-Restricted Eating 

Allow your body to have a rest from digestion by only consuming calories within a 10-12 hour window. Time-restricted eating can be amazing for your weight and health. I fought this theory for years. But when I finally embraced it 2 years ago, I found it not only lowered body fat, it also improved my digestion. All you do is choose the 10-12 hour window to eat or drink. Whatever time works best for you. And then, know that the other hours that are outside of that window are off-limits to anything but water. I do allow coffee in the morning with nothing added. Give this method a try. You will be amazed at how you feel after the second full week.  

Weight Loss Tip #2: Sitting Is the New Smoking 

Medical studies prove that sitting for over one hour negatively changes blood chemistry. Our bodies are made to move and be active. We don’t want the food we eat to turn to fat but instead to be fuel. We need to move and eat the proper foods to make that happen. 
Of course, working out regularly is crucial. But I also encourage you to never sit for more than one hour without a 5-minute break of moving or stretching the body. This can be walking to the mailbox or between rooms. This also applies if you are someone who drives a car or truck for a living.  

Weight Loss Tip #3: Replace One Meal With a Drink 

This tip is the most powerful to correct imbalanced chemistry that causes weight issues. I started drinking a protein drink for my breakfast 6 out of 7 days of the week. One day a week I eat regular breakfast, but to be honest, I always feel so much better on the drink days. When you start your day with the perfect quality of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, you have less room for errors in the remaining meals of the day. When you eat too many carbohydrates, not enough fat, and the wrong protein for breakfast it dooms your chemistry for that day.  
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You can make a drink today that is so pure because we have access to ingredients that are non-GMO, organic, tested for impurities and the list goes on. I lean toward a keto lifestyle which is high healthy fat, moderate protein, and lower carbohydrates for my breakfast. I use Metagenics Keto powder, Green Vibrance greens powder, and organic ground flax seeds in cold water every morning. This combo reduces my cravings for sweets, keeps my energy up, and lowers my body fat.    
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Want to Learn More?

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I wish you all the best in returning to your pre-quarantine body. I know that with these tips you can exceed and excel in your new physique and health in the coming months.  
May you be well my friends.  

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