How to Treat the Agony of Hemorrhoids with Natural Remedies

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Over half the population will experience hemorrhoids at some time in their lives. Moreover, almost 13% of U.S. adults struggle with this disorder right now.  


You got this far into an article on hemorrhoids. I’m guessing that means you realize the discomfort and struggles with hemorrhoids in your life. Let’s tackle some of your biggest questions about hemorrhoid relief.

Standard Hemorrhoid Care

Most people seek care for hemorrhoids in primary care, emergency wards, gastroenterology units and surgical care offices.   

As it stands today, general medicine provides some relief to the discomfort of these “booty demons.” And I hate to say it, but my search for literature on natural remedies for hemorrhoids came up wanting. In spite of that, below I’m offering some safe options to potentially treat and heal hemorrhoids utilizing natural methods.

What are hemorrhoids?

First things first. Did you know we all have hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are normal cushions of tissue that are filled with blood vessels and found at the end of the rectum.  Hemorrhoids assist in control of bowel movement and most of the time create no discomfort.  The trouble occurs when the hemorrhoids become enlarged. Enlarged hemorrhoids create symptoms of great discomfort, itching, and often bleeding. Bleeding is caused by hard stools that damage the thin walls of the blood vessels in hemorrhoids.  

Good news/Bad news. First, the good news. Most painful hemorrhoids clear up on their own without treatment after a few weeks. However, they often return. And that is where natural options to address the underlying issues can help.  

The leading causes of hemorrhoids

  1. Constipation and straining when eliminating 
  2. Heavy lifting
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Sitting on the toilet far too long
  5. Obesity
  6. Inactivity
  7. Low fiber intake

 My steps to address your hemorrhoids during a flare up to quickly lessen your discomfort.   

  1. Treat your sensitive soft back side with the most gentle toilet paper or wet wipes similar to what you would use on a baby. 
  2. Stop any straining. Elevating your feet while sitting on the toilet can help move things along without straining. (Heard of the Squatty Potty?) And only sit as long as needed. 
  3. Use Vitamin E suppositories twice daily. These soften and add healing molecules to the inflamed area. Carlson is my favorite brand.  
  4. Apply healing ointment after elimination and other times of day to reduce swelling. You can make your own natural hemorrhoid cream with apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and/or witch hazel. However one of my favorite ointments is Force of Nature’s Hemorrhoid Topic Remedy. Shrinks enlarged veins and ease pain and itching. 
  5. Sitz bath: You can add any number of natural remedies such as chamomile tea, epsom salt or witch hazel to the sitz bath and soak for 20 minutes.   

How to prevent recurrence of your hemorrhoids

The most important lifestyle change to help prevent hemorrhoids in the first place is fiber. Most Americans consume approximately 25 grams of fiber daily. This is far lower than ideal. The countries of the world that consume 45 grams or more have 90% less hemorrhoids and far less diverticulitis than those in our country.   

Risky fiber

Despite almost everyone using psyllium husks, (main ingredient found in metamucil) I prefer a radically different fiber. My problem with psyllium is that it has a dirty secret surrounding the harmful chemicals used in the growing of the product. I did a 2 minute video on YouTube, The Dirty Truth About Psyllium, that fully explains this risky issue. Tough to advocate treating a health issue with something that will likely create more!   

Good fiber options

My number one recommendation for adding fiber for your life is improving your diet to contain less processed foods. Adding colored vegetable and plant-based healthier foods equals longer, healthier lives. And this includes reducing the painful side effects of hemorrhoids.

Second, consume extra fiber to insure less straining on the toilet and softening of the actual bowel material so it is less irritating as it moves through. Hemp fiber is my all time favorite.

Top 3 reasons I love hemp fiber

  1. Not addictive
  2. Organic
  3. Produces far less gas than psyllium

No fiber is completely easy due to the fact it congeals into thick goo quickly. The only way to ease into this is adding the fiber on top of a cold liquid and shake vigorously. Then drink within one minute. I add it to my morning breakfast drink and it does well for me.   

Grab my famous Magic Breakfast Drink Recipe Here

Next, add Vitamin C twice daily to your supplement plan. Vitamin C strengthens capillaries. With hemorrhoids, you likely have weak capillaries or you would not be experience discomfort.   

Eliminating the Natural Way

Did you know that the way you sit on the toilet makes a difference? It is the unknown secret of healthy elimination by raising your knees as you sit on the toilet. One of my avenues into wise health since starting my health career in 1979 is following mother nature’s wisdom. All the textbooks and science cannot trump following nature. Natural processes have kept us healthy and balanced for as long as we have existed. Yet so many have lost this intimate connection with our bodies. Imagine all the thousands of years we eliminated our fecal matter without a bathroom.  

We are designed to actually squat and not sit on a toilet to poop. Why? Because the lower rectum will be curved if we are sitting normally and it should be  straight or aligned for optimal elimination. Have you ever been camping without restroom facilities? In nature, you squat. This method fully straightens our colon.

Aids for Optimal Toilet Position

I highly suggest raising your feet after you have seated yourself on the toilet. You can do this by placing anything you find that can raise your knees at least 5 inches high. I have used books, boxes or you can purchase something called Squatty Potty that is designed for this purpose. Here are the medical studies on this topic.   

The fat of the matter

Lastly, ensure you are consuming healthy fats such as olive oil, organic butter, MCT oil, and foods that are packed with healthy fat such as avocados every day. Health fats assist in overall health, but they may also help prevent dry hard stools and hemorroids. These foods plus adding magnesium in supplement form can moisturize your poop that eases the flow of the fecal matter.   

Read more about the magic of magnesium here.

Practice these measures and say goodbye to the “booty demons” for good.




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