Operations Director

Kris Johnson

Without Kris, we wouldn’t be able to supply you with the products you desire. Kris handles almost all of the ordering of products from our suppliers and makes sure we have a well-stocked inventory. Kris also creates the beautiful signs on the end caps every month.

I’ve been working in the natural products industry since 1989. I worked for a distributor nearly 15 years and learned plenty there. I then had the opportunity to run my own health food store for four years. At that time I enrolled in the Global College of Nutritional Medicine where I was certified in Nutrition and Herbology. This industry has changed my life in many positive ways, and I love to try and help others in the same way. I enjoy my job at Nutrition World because I have a variety of responsibilities including much of the ordering. My favorite part of the job is creating the signs that are displayed throughout the store. I'm happy to be able to tap into my creative side at work.