Learn One Oldest and Safest Medicines Still in Existence Today

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One of the oldest and safest medicines still in existence today is referred to as HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE.  Homeopathy continues to be utilized worldwide by millions of people and many physicians in other countries practice homeopathy directly out of medical school.   Homeopathic medicines have been used for more than 200 years and increasing numbers of scientific studies are being conducted and published in peer-reviewed journals supporting the effectiveness of these substances.

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image03Homeopathy can be a challenge to understand as to their mechanism of action because the way they work in the body is completely opposite of drug therapy.  The law of similars is a statement that is used to describe how homeopathy works.   If something causes a reaction or symptom in excess, it cures in microdose amounts.  Coffee can cause nervousness in excess but  in tiny doses unbelievably calms us down.  Nux Vomica causes us to throw up in excess yet treats nausea very well!  There are thousands of remedies for almost every symptom and condition based on these theories.  These minuscule potencies must be produced in a laboratory and cannot be done at home.


The mechanism of action of these natural remedies is that they trigger our body to heal itself opposed to simply treating a symptom.  I love the quote, “the body carries its own medicine” and after observing others health for many decades I fully believe in this principle.  This is exactly what happens when you receive the correct homeopathic remedy as it sets in motion a wave of natural internal healing that is capable of curing almost anything.  

image01image02In Germany if you are sick, you will be treated first by a homeopathic physician and only as a last resort will you receive standard pharmaceutical options.  Dr Samuel Hahnemann is a German physician who discovered the principles of homeopathy.  

To learn more about homeopathy you can view this 4-minute video that we did for channel 3 television show, 3 Plus You:


Dr Mercola embraces the science and use of homeopathy and for more information from his site Click Here  

I also recommend downloading an app from BOIRON that offers information on learning how to choose the correct remedy.   Just go to your app site to download  and type in BOIRON.  

To research the remedies and match with the symptom, Click Here  



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