Magic Mushrooms for Staying Well?

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We are entering an age of great concern over staying healthy during fears of spreading germs and sickness.  

If you are planning a trip to Florida in your automobile, wouldn’t you check the oil and gas so you would depart with great confidence of arriving safely. However, what if your trip were to include muddy gravel roads through difficult terrain instead of the interstate, wouldn’t you prepare your vehicle differently in order to overcome the increased challenges?

The two things I know for sure after observing health for almost 4 decades are the following: 

Nothing I have ever investigated on natural medicine will probably ever outperform the almost miraculous healing properties that I have witnessed with Cannabinoids. CBD may truly be a natural elixir from the heavens.”Our own immune system is still the most effective weapon against all pathogens and especially viruses.

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 Secondly, a weakened immune system is easy prey for every kind of germ in the same way that fleas attack a unhealthy and weak dog far greater than a strong healthy one.

If this makes any sense at all to you, why not utilize the safe holistic principles that have stood the test of time for not only effectiveness but safety?  If there has ever been a time to change habits to create the healthiest immune systems, this is it.  Below are 3 articles on accomplishing exactly this goal. 

The Ebook that is free on our website, Are you Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired, is filled with the tips on food, sleep, exercise, and supplements to vastly improve your health and immune systems.  To access this Click Here.

Lastly is timely information on a spectacular product that I have been taking and have personal confidence in for helping maintaining optimal health for myself.  Nutritional intervention may not always prevent us from being sick but it almost always lessens the time and severity of illness compared to those who are not embracing it. 

I have been intrigued with the magic of medicinal mushrooms since the 1970’s when I first started observing them in nature.  

Mushrooms are attacked by many of the same germs and pathogens as humans and have developed very effective weapons to conquer these enemies.  Utilizing the proper medicinal mushrooms in capsule form has impressive medical research on improving immune systems, optimizing lung function, increasing survival time in animals going through medical treatments, and prevention of some of our most feared diseases. 

I have learned, however, only a very few companies offer the quality of mushrooms that produce these benefits and the common mushrooms out of the can have zero health benefits.  The brands Nutrition World offers can always be trusted, so have no fear when shopping here.  One of the leading types in medicinal mushrooms is called AHCC.  AHCC stands for Active Hexose Correlated Compound and is a species of hybridized mycelia mushroom that is sold throughout the world.   AHCC is supported by 29 positive studies in peer reviewed scientific journals recognized by the National Institutes of Health.  What makes AHCC unique is that the molecular size has been greatly reduced to increase absorption.  The molecular size of most mushrooms is 200,000 daltons which is 4 times larger than the 50,000 daltons of AHCC.  This allows for vastly higher levels in the blood stream due to its easy absorption which may explain its outstanding results in patients and studies. 

Taking preventive doses of AHCC will arm your immune cells with the quick power to respond within hours to germ attacks which possibly means a quicker recovery time.  1000mg twice daily is standard for prevention and therapeutic doses are 3000-5000mg daily.   

The safety of AHCC is well established and this mushroom is used in over 700 hospitals worldwide. 

I have been taking daily doses of mushrooms for many years after studying the research and logic of mushroom science.  I encourage anyone interested in staying well and maintaining optimal health to at least take them when not feeling well, but I strongly believe in them for daily use.  During periods of the year where everyone seems to be contagious with something is when I never miss taking therapeutic mushrooms such as AHCC.  I also have given this exact product to my dog when he was ill.  Always check with your doctor if you have medical conditions before using any products.

AHCC will be offered at Nutrition World and on our website for those who are not conveniently located to 6201 Lee Hwy.  Click here to order now.

Never forget that nature offers a cornucopia of natural medicines if we can just learn and trust its power.  Also, do you have your own success story with the use of medicinal mushrooms or maybe you have your own tips for prevention?  Feel free to share your tips and comments below.



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