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My favorite Products:

The nutrition industry has new products that are being released and marketed through many of the thousands of health food stores across this country and internet but out of 100 new products, I believe that less than 10% are worthy of your consideration.  I am a self-admitted nutrition and vitamin junkie that uses many new products myself but many don’t make the grade with me due to most products simply being copy cats of something already available or is either too expensive, taste horrible, or just does not perform or give results.  I have compiled a list of some of the products of 2012 that I have tried and believe to be worthy of your consideration.

The nutrition industry has new products that are being released and marketed through many of the thousands of health food stores across this country and internet but out of 100 new products

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  1. Garden of Life Raw Protein – (chocolate only)  I have found this to be unbelievable on how well it digests and the quality of the raw materials are beyond any other.
  2. Synthovial Seven Hyaluronic Acid Serum – Hyaluronic is what facilitates the moisture holding cells in the joints and skin.   I use both the internal product and one applied to the skin.
  3. Wheatgrass Shots – I have been a fan of the healing and cleaning ability of wheatgrass since the 80’s and this is the first pre-packaged wheatgrass that I actually have confidence in its effectiveness and quality.
  4. Astaxanthin – This anti-oxidant is amazing for increasing strength, protecting skin, eye health, artery health and research is constantly uncovering new benefits.
  5. CuraMed Curcumin – This herb has hundreds of years of use by cultures around the world for preventing memory loss, inflammation, reducing pain, detox of liver and even acts as anti-depressant.  Terry Naturally and Life Extension are the only two companies that offer the concentrated versions of this herb that are proven to raise blood levels.
  6. Epicor – This is one of my most treasured immune supportive products and research indicates it works quickly and effectively to balance the immune system in ways that prevent sickness and also help regulate over active immune systems.
  7. Absorbaid Digestive Enzyme –  I have used so many different digestive enzymes  over the years and I always come back to Absorbaid due to its amazing qualities of settling my gut, digesting proteins, carbs and fats, and preventing heartburn if I take it with every meal.
  8. Ann Webb Skin Care Products –  The Ann Webb line is one of the purest cosmetic lines offered in today’s marketplace of skin and hair care.  I have found Ann Webb to be one of the few companies that actually live up to its claim of being 100% truly natural.  Ann Webb herself will be making a personal appearance at Nutrition World on Monday October 8 from 11-2 for free skin consultations.
  9. Flax for Life Muffins – This gluten free muffin has the most amazing taste, 10 grams of fiber, totally clean ingredients and full of flax seeds.  One of these and you are totally satisfied and have more fiber in one muffin than many people get in an entire day.




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