Oxalates: Eliminate High Levels to Achieve Life Changing Results

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I’ve heard the word Oxalate enough times for me to take action to learn all I could about its effects on health. Not only for my clients but in my own personal journey. Oxalates were discovered in the 1800s. Yet, it has all but disappeared from the literature on health and disease.


Synchronicity: “Experiences that leave us with a curious sense that we should pay attention.”


Oxalates are molecules found in a large variety of foods that are very popular today. Oxalates are molecules that appear like ground glass. Plants produce them to protect their species from predators. The theory on Oxalates may sound ludicrous at first. But the longer I sat with the theory and experimented, the more I am convinced of its potential to help stubborn health issues. 


High oxalate levels in our body can produce many symptoms in our body. But the following are the most common:


  1. Fatigue
  2. Inflammation
  3. Significant joint pain
  4. Anxiety
  5. Vulva pain that is chronic
  6. Eye issues
  7. Fibromyalgia 
  8. Foggy brain
  9. Bladder issues
  10. Chronic Pain


Ancient Wisdom on Oxalates


Call it intuition, but I became connected to a theory of health decades ago that I labeled, “Ancient Wisdom.” After learning a great amount on health through schooling and decades of experience, I observed that mother nature had her own course for me to learn from. Intimately listening and watching how nature works to manage itself along with the beautiful mechanisms that are in place for its healing, I found wisdom that is not taught in schools.    


Oxalates fit into that strange category of health knowledge.   


Ancient Wisdom #1

Plants and living creatures are designed to protect their longevity by any means possible. Their purpose is not to serve or support humans but to protect themselves.  


Ancient Wisdom #2

All living creatures attempt to save their lives from danger by either escaping or attacking if threatened. But, plants cannot move and run away so they produce compounds that irritate, repel and even sometimes are lethal to those who choose to eat them.   


Ancient Wisdom #3

Oxalates are produced by many plants, (especially those considered healthy and nutritious). These compounds are like shards of glass. For some, consuming them over many years will build up and create damage in whatever areas of the body that concentrates them. 


Intimately listening and watching how nature works to manage itself along with the beautiful mechanisms that are in place for its healing, I found wisdom that is not taught in schools. Click To Tweet

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Eliminating High Oxalates


Oxalates are one of the few compounds that the body has extreme difficulties in removing and detoxifying. This is why the chronic issues of oxalates never lessens or goes away. But, the good news is that with a proper plan of action we now know how to open the metabolic pathways to allow an exit path for this devastating substance. Pair this with eliminating high Oxalates in the daily diet and I am seeing life changing results for many of my clients and myself.    


To learn more about the detoxification process, check out this article.


Despite so few health practitioners in this country that have any working knowledge of Oxalate issues, I assure you that help is on the way.   


I have committed myself to the study of this subject for two reasons. To help others who cannot get better but also myself. At almost 66 years of age with a lifetime of committed health practices equaled by few others over my decades, I was also frustrated with my stiffness and pains as I’ve aged.    


The game changer was a blood Oxalate test that only recently became available. I was tested with little thought of anything but normal. But when mine returned with a level of 6 times higher than normal I was both stunned and excited. I remember thinking I may have found the needle in the haystack for my future..   


But, when I discovered that the “superfoods, greens, turmeric, spinach, herbs, and Vitamin C” may be the root cause for my issues, I had to rearrange my thinking. Not only have I used so many of these items for decades, but I’ve also recommended and preached their royal place as required to be super healthy. Mark Twain once said, “It is not what we don’t know that gets us in trouble, it is what we know that just ain’t so that does.” I have chosen in life to not become my beliefs so keeping my mind open is key to achieving new wisdom.  


The Plan for Lowering Oxalates


Blood testing for Oxalates is a screening and not a definitive answer for oxalates. This means that some who have higher than desired Oxalates may not be releasing any so the blood test may be normal. Yet, in truth, Oxalates could be an issue. If Oxalate blood levels are elevated then you know high levels are present. If low but have symptoms then start the diet to determine if they’re an issue.


Reducing intake of food oxalates is vital to success. If you are excreting oxalates at the same rate as your intake, nothing will be gained. Learn the foods with the highest levels to know what to remove from your diet. The list is quite large. But my issue was spinach, turmeric, potatoes, beets, all nuts except macadamia, beet greens, chia, chocolate, quinoa, and green tea. I have found value in the app, OXIPUR. It is easy to reference when needed to locate the oxalate levels of foods.  


Realize that as the oxalate crystals start excretion through your system that a “dumping syndrome” may occur. As you can  imagine, glass floating through the tissues of your body or urine, discomfort can be extreme. In fact detoxing oxalates can be dangerous if too fast too soon. Dumping symptoms are varied but mostly focus on the chronic conditions that the individuals have experienced before.   


Nutrients to Detox


Introducing certain nutrients are essential to opening the detox pathways of oxalates. Without these avenues opened to remove oxalates you will not receive results even with eliminating the intake of oxalates in your diet.   


  1. P5P. This is a special form of vitamin B-6. 100mg twice daily.
  2. Vitamin B1. I prefer the form Benfotiamine. I find it is more effective than plain B1.
  3. Calcium capsules or liquid. Calcium binds with oxalates so they are less likely to be deposited. Take one capsule twice daily with food.
  4. Magnesium. 200 mg twice daily. Most forms are effective except oxide forms.
  5. Biotin 5000mcg. I prefer sublingual but all forms are effective.
  6. Sodium from healthy sources such as electrolyte formulas that contain sodium.
  7. Lemon juice several times daily. Fresh if possible but brush teeth afterwards to prevent enamel damage.
  8. Chanca Piedra. Utilized to help process kidney stones but for those who want to jump start the program you can use this herb for a few weeks. But, if symptoms become too severe, you must stop the chanca piedra at that point.


The time has come to “Take Control of Your Health” and now you have a tool that was previously unknown to all! This will be a blessing to those who are candidates for this Oxalate protocol. And I am excited to share the knowledge and more to come as we evolve into fine tuning and learning new information.

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