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Today’s article sounds so simple that it appears to be insignificant to our health, but I strongly encourage you to read this before you make up your mind.

I stumbled upon a researcher named Dr Buteyko several years ago and instantly became intrigued when he proclaimed that he had a totally safe and effective method to optimize most lung difficulties, cardiovascular problems, digestive issues, weak immune function, muscular discomfort, anxiety, and urinary systems. I instantly perked up when I read this list because these issues are epidemic today with no end in sight.

Dr Buteyko spent 5 decades treating patients using a therapy called, “Breathing Normalization”. I have now spent countless hours of studying this therapy and I can say with a resounding YES that he is on to something very important and valid.

The core concept of his theory is that 99% of all of us are breathing completely wrong which is labeled, “chronic pulmonary hyperventilation”.  Without delving into the chemistry explanation, Buteyko found that proper breathing raises carbon dioxide which frees up the oxygen molecule so it can work its magic in healing, energy, calmness, increasing nitric oxide and allowing for healthy pH. This is exactly opposite of what we have been led to believe. The problem today is that we all breathe too fast, too shallow and through our mouth and this completely reverses the oxygen/carbon dioxide ratio which is a recipe for poor health, high anxiety and lack of vitality throughout the body.

I am excited to tell everyone about this miraculous practice to help bring all people toward a better quality of life and vastly improve their health. Learning to breathe in the Buteyko method is not complex but does require a commitment to reprogram decades of old patterns of breathing. Anyone who desires to learn on their own certainly has the potential if they purchase training information but I have found that a series of personal coaching by a trained Buteyko practitioner is the absolute best method.

Learning to breathe in the Buteyko method is not complex but does require a commitment to reprogram decades of old patterns of breathing. Click To Tweet

Carol Hawkins is a highly skilled Buteyko practitioner that I began working with to retrain my breathing. Carol is the only Buteyko practitioner anywhere near Chattanooga.  I started with Carol a few months ago and she has now taught me to lower my resting breaths per minute from 16 to 11 and now 8 is my goal. The challenge is to breathe into the lower lobes of the lungs, reduce breaths per minute and stop mouth breathing.  I can 100% say that my sleep, calmness, digestion, muscular discomforts, and mood have all significantly improved as a result.  In time, I truly believe my health will improve to a point that would not have been possible with just exercise, healthy food and nutrients alone.

A book entitled, Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life, was written in 1870 and it very clearly explains the principles involving the health destroying effects of mouth breathing. It is common knowledge that almost any animal that starts mouth breathing during their life, (not canines) will be dead within a short period of time.  I love the fact this book was written so long ago and is another testament to the value of old reliable knowledge that is making a comeback.  

Also to access another source of old wisdom please download our free E-Book that discusses the ancient wisdom of health.  Are you Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired.  To download now, click here.

Carol is available for one on one coaching and also occasionally offers group classes. Carol can be contacted by calling 423-584-0423 and her site is www.breaththisway.weebly.com

To learn more about the history of Buteyko and his breathing discoveries, make sure to check out this short, free ebook that highlights the history in pictures.

(And don’t forget to keep your mouth shut)

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