Regenerative Farming: Protect Our Future

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I recently returned from a trip to Missouri to visit and learn about Dr. Axe’s and Jordan Rubin’s “Beyond Organic” farm. I returned from that trip with a grim reality check. If conventional farming methods do not change, the future looks bleak for my grand boys. We have a limited amount of years to continue farming as we currently do. If nothing changes, our soils and foods grown on them are doomed. My trip to the farm gave me hope that there is a way we can change the path we are on. But, only if we embrace regenerative farming practices.

What is Regenerative Farming?

Jordan Rubin and Dr. Axe have a vision for changing the world. And, that’s regenerative farming. When I first heard the term “regenerative farming”, I thought it was an offshoot of organic farming. But, I learned that is not accurate.   

Organic refers to what occurs above the ground with chemicals and pesticides. Regenerative focuses on creating robust soils. Soils balanced in microorganisms, PH, carbon dioxide, and nutritional content. The end result is plants that are resistant to disease and pests due to the superior health of the soil.   

For a few years, “The Biggest Little Farm” has been my favorite movie. It describes the true story of a young couple and their special dog. They buy barren land with a dream of turning it into a magical regenerative farm. It stunned me almost to tears as I watched the transformation. 

Dr. Axe,  Jordan Rubin and I agree on the importance of building health and deriving power from plants and animals. This is why Jordan Rubin continues to speak of “superfoods” for our health. In my 40 plus years assisting others on their health journey, I’ve seen tremendous value added to those who consume superfoods. Superfoods are grown on super soil and contain hundreds to thousands of life enhancing molecules that we call phytochemicals. Plants are magic. Phytochemicals offer resistance to pests and predators that would otherwise consume them. This does not happen with traditional farming. Conventional farming increases the level of chemicals to maintain growth and reduce insects. What protects and supports the vital energy of the plant, protects us in the same exact way!

Super Soil Creates Superfoods

Dr. Axe and Jordan Rubin own Ancient Nutrition, a company that provides nutritional products. Many of the foods grown on their two farms go into the products that they supply. I love knowing the start to finish of nutritional products. So many supplements are synthetic or processed but not Ancient Nutrition. I never miss a day drinking my Super Greens from Ancient Nutrition.

A key to regenerative farming is how it preserves the carbon dioxide within the soil. This is key to saving the earth. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Tilling soil is destroying the carbon dioxide within our soils by releasing CO2. This is one main reason for global warming. Also, conventional farming practices harm soil, reduce ecological diversity with the excessive use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and inhumane livestock practices. All which lower CO2. Jordan Rubin showed all 30 of us visiting his fields that his farmers only till down two inches. This preserves the integrity of the soil and the CO2. Deep tilling destroys the future of soils. Animals also help support the soil health by the feet of the animals doing their own type of healthy tilling that does not harm the soil.

The Beyond Organic farm was a kingdom. Everything on the farm was reliant on other components within the farm to produce the foods harvested. Chemicals within traditional farming cause this outcome to be impossible to achieve. More chemicals need more chemicals and as time goes on destroys the integrity of the soil’s power. Similar to taking excessive pharmaceuticals. So, we need more drugs to maintain ourselves because we have consumed so many previous drugs. The wisest move for graceful aging and optimized health is to create a symbiotic relationship for all components of our chemistry.

Support Regenerative Agriculture

I encourage those motivated by this conversation to learn more by watching the movie, “Biggest Little Farm”. You can also support with your dollars. Give to regenerative farmers committed to this magical journey. Also, consider nutritional supplementation from companies that have the ethics of Ancient Nutrition.  

Nutrition World is adding more items from regenerative farms. One of my favorites is olive oil and herbal teas from a company named Solspring. We will grow the regenerative food and supplement section for one main reason: It is the right thing to do!

A key to regenerative farming is how it preserves the carbon dioxide within the soil. This is key to saving the earth. Click To Tweet

 “A nation that destroys its soils, destroys itself.  Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt


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