Sacred Root for Energy and Stamina

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The world of herbal medicine flourishes with safe and reliable tonics for our health and vitality.

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 I never cease to be profoundly impressed with the safety and effectiveness of properly chosen quality herbal remedies for almost any variety of health needs and Maca herb is one of my most favored for its amazing results. Maca grows in the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains of Peru and contains a large variety of nutrients and phytochemicals which makes for its impressive results.

maca2Studies support Macaʼs ability to increase stamina, reduce fatigue, wound healing, improves acne and support libido in both male and female. I also observe athletes successfully using Maca for increased recuperation and energy and its results can be wondrous. One of the mechanisms of Maca is that it is an “adaptogen” which means it increases the ability of your body to adapt to stress. Chronic stress is responsible for at least 50% of all visits to health professionals and is connected with increasing the risk of almost every single disease. An article in the New York Times on Maca refers to it as “A small turnip that packs a punch.”  To read the New York Times on Maca, click here.

I have used Maca in powder form mixed into either a protein drink or green drink and can say without a doubt that it is a very effective herbal compound for achieving results. Those who have commented on Maca not giving impressive results usually were using either a low-quality product or not taking the recommended dosage.

The future of Maca is so exciting that China has purchased almost all the farmland in the world that cultivates and grows Maca. The Chinese have an almost worship for this admired plant. Due to the Chinese attempting to control all Maca farms, the price is going to double in the next months but in an attempt to continue to offer a reasonable price on Maca, Nutrition World has purchased large supplies just before the recent price increases. We guarantee no price increase at this time. Nutrition World also guarantees the quality and purity of the brands we stock for you and we will continue to be vigilant to ensure stocking only pure and effective products.

maca-powderI encourage you to use Maca (I prefer powder) if you feel sluggish, fatigued, over stressed, need hormone balancing or just want to have more effective workouts. I must say the taste leaves something to be desired, but the results are far worth it! My new workout obsession is based on a superhuman named Frank Medrano and the only 2 supplements he uses is the protein I recommend and Maca. (If you are interested to view him working out and how he uses Maca, click here.)

PS.  I have located a very important and useful APP for helping us to make wiser decisions on what to order in regard to seafood.  Seafood Watch will allow you to look up the fish and see about its quality and safety before you decide.   It is available on Android and iPhone.

If Maca was used by the Incan warriors before long journeys and battles, maybe it could help you through your journey in life.


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