The Dirty Little Secret About Olive Oil

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There has been something intuitive with me beginning 30 years ago that strongly attracted me to using finer quality brands of olive oil in my diet.

Now science has confirmed that unrefined olive oil may be one of natures premier perfect foods for raising our levels of beneficial fats that can play important functions in our immune, hormone and brain chemistry. One of the only totally unprocessed oils available that are able to maintain its full freshness and nutrient potency is Olive Oil.   Now that many of my ideas of healthy diets have become more mainstream, (higher fat, lower carb and moderate protein)  this oil offers the most potent and efficient method on how we can increase our intake of healthy fats in our daily diet.  Olive oil has played a prominent role in Mediterranean culture for over 2000 years and history reveals that the people of Ancient Rome Italy used as much as 12 gallons of Olive Oil per person per year!  However, in looking deeper into the whole story of of this magic elixir reveals a dark secret known to very few.

cuttingThe New Yorker magazine investigator Tom Mueller summed it up in his article, “Profits of cutting Olive Oil is comparable to cocaine trafficking”   Gone forever are the days where our primary source of our foods is the local farmer that you could trust.   Growing and selling of almost all foods is now been relegated to massive corporations whose mission is primarily profits and Olive Oil is no exception.  Olive Oil in Italy may still be connected with family operations but the delivery and marketing has largely been handed over to big business and with this comes great deception.

This means that there is an over fifty percent chance that the Olive Oil you are using has been cut with cheap unhealthy oils such as canola and other vegetable oils and these also may be loaded with dangerous fats!  This means not only are you getting deceived by counterfeit products but you and your family are ingesting ingredients that are downright unhealthy.

fake-olive-oilThe Romans took the problem of “fake” olive oil more seriously than we do by painting containers with the weight of oil, the name of the farmer, the merchant who shipped the oil and the official who verified this information.   In 2007 it was reported that Italy sells three times more Olive Oil than it produces so that shows you how much cutting and counterfeiting is occurring.  In the past couple of years I have become very loyal to the word “transparent” when it comes to describing companies who are revealing every aspect of their business and attempt to hide nothing from the public.  I predict that this will be a requirement for innovative businesses in the future if they are to thrive and this certainly includes Olive Oil companies. As always, to find the truth today simply “follow the money trail”.   However I am looking forward to the day when I can say that to find the truth of something in business, “simply look or ask and it will be revealed truthfully”.  I sense a new consciousness in the world where honesty, ethics and truthfulness will overtake the old outdated business models of the past that believed that anything including dishonesty justified itself for profits.

The fantastic news is that you now have the opportunity for purchasing an absolute 100% unprocessed, extra virgin, extremely fresh Olive Oil at Nutrition World that you can fully trust. Last year while attending a convention in Baltimore, we happened upon a person who had built a strong
relationship to a family in Italy that grew and produced one of the most highly respected quality Olive Oil anywhere in the world  When I heard the story of the quality of this families product, I knew we had to find a way to offer it at Nutrition World.  Within a few months we excitedly received our first shipment of Olive Oil and I must say I was ecstatic on my first tasting.

Having been to Italy years ago, I never dreamed I would ever again have the pleasure of Olive Oil that would equal the true pure Olive Oil of Italy, but I was wrong.


Olivelle Olive Oil is exceptional for a variety of reasons but the one factor that separates it from everyone else is that it is shipped in containers that offer total darkness and have zero oxygen or air contacting the oil.  When you purchase Olivelle Olive Oil from us at Nutrition World, you pick the size bottle you desire and we fill it at that moment!  This is the first time this Olive Oil had seen light or air since it was pressed in Italy, which means this is as close to fresh olive oil you will ever get in this country.  Once you taste this level of quality oil, you can consider yourself a true consissour of fine Olive Oil. The almost slight pepper taste of this fresh oil will spoil you and I am sorry but you will never again be satisfied with the cheap counterfeits offered at most restaurants and many bottled oils.


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