Seven Steps to Growing Stronger in the Gym as I Age!

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Seeing my 60th birthday flying toward me like a comet causes me to reflect back on differing parts of my life with a perspective of openness that I lacked in my younger years.

One area that has always been a constant for me focused on working out at a gym.  I originally started weight training at age 14 due to having a stick boy frame and the fact I was aggressively picked on at school.  I weighed in at 119 lbs and my upper arm measured a measly ten inches!  

The weight program I took on at 14 years old at Cosmopolitan gym was very serious to me and in addition to working out with 100% intent, I also had a very disciplined practice of eating multiple times a day consisting of high protein foods.  My weight gain over the next 3 years put me at 190lbs which equated to gaining 71 pounds and it was mostly muscle!  (zero steroids then and now)  Looking back over the diet I embraced makes me shudder with fear considering all the milk, raw eggs and meat I consumed but in my defense very few had knowledge of foods and health in those years.  

My strength continued to climb until I peaked at age 35.   Research indicates we lose muscle every year after age 35 and I can certainly attest to that fact.  Every exercise that I used to sling around in my younger years soon became a struggle and eventually became impossible as I neared 50.

However starting somewhere around 50 years old I created a supplement plan that has turned much of this around!  I can now say that losing endurance and strength does not have to be an option as we become less young.   Maintaining larger muscles are not my goal at this stage of life as I do weigh less than a decade ago.  However everything else is better at 60 as to endurance and strength than any time over the past 20 years!

Work out intensely no less than three days weekly and no more than five. Click To Tweet

Here is my game plan to solving the puzzle of aging and muscle loss.

  1. Never go more than 4 hours without consuming foods. (it does not need to be substantial amounts but must be healthy high fat or protein and moderate in low glycemic carbs) 3 meals and 2 snacks.
  2. Consume approximately one half gram of protein per pound of bodyweight daily in divided doses.   (this is the maximum for health and you can decrease moderately if desired) For my exact recommended food list download my free E-Book, “Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired” at
  3. Stay hydrated every single day by drinking pure clean water.
  4. Work out intensely no less than three days weekly and no more than five. (I do an online workout half the week from Frank Medrano and lift weights the other half)
  5. Get blood work to insure your fasting insulin is under 2.   If insulin is not under 2 you will be out of balance and mostly burning body muscle rather than building strength and your tendency for gaining bodyfat will be highly increased.  (IF YOUR INSULIN IS ELEVATED OVER 5 YOU ARE DOOMED AS TO HEALTH AND FITNESS AS YOU AGE!)
  6. Maintaining an aligned muscular and skeletal structure.  Regular adjustments, deep massage or using an apparatus called Kacelia for your alignment.  You cannot workout with chronic injuries and much of these problems are the result of misalignment.
  7. The keystone of maintaining muscle and strength however is the nutritional supplements that follow;  Without this protocol you will simply continue to lessen your muscle year by year regardless of what you do in the gym or how you eat.

List of nutritional supplements necessary for maintaining the strength and endurance as we age.

(plus improved health comes along with this!)

  • Astaxanthan  10mg daily with food (my number one secret weapon)
  • Methyl-folate 1000mcg (silences the MTHFR gene. This gene devastates your ability to maintain health and vitality. You can read more about this gene in this article.)
  • Whole food multiple vitamin.
  • Probiotics in therapeutic dosage (creates the environment that produces a balanced internal chemistry which equates to optimal performance and health)
  • Vitamin D.  (just taking it is not the answer, the secret is found in achieving a blood value of 55ng/ml to 85ng/ml.  This level assists the testosterone, inflammation and lowered cortisol levels.  You will have to get a blood test to find the correct dosage.)
  • Vitamin K (prevents calcium from hardening your muscles)
  • Cordyceps mushrooms if I need additional oxygen uptake for endurance training. (4 caps one hour before workout)
  • Green drink.   (Offsets the acidity that is created from working out and allows optimal liver function which is key for hormones)
  • Omega 3 fatty acid. (everything is short-circuited when we lack these essential fats but especially the muscular system)
  • Curcumin.   This is taken twice daily and contains the magic ability to reduce inflammation which allows muscle recovery to occur.  (Enhancing muscle recovery is a deal breaker as we age-no improved recovery equates to losing the battle)
  • Vitamin C 1000mg twice daily.  (do not underestimate the power of this magic nutrient on all levels)

I have posted on Facebook three gym challenges over the past year and so far no one has beat me on any of these if they performed them just as I did. I would have never dreamed of being able to complete these at my age if I were not on the powerful supplements and program that I recommend in this article.

Jump rope

Chin ups

Dead hang

May you find not only long life and joy in your life but let the icing on the cake be your muscle power and physique!


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