Sometimes It Just Feels Good to have our Hearts Touched

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Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 5.47.28 PMLong ago I listened to a lecture from Jack Kornfield that described a woman
in Tennessee who started a sanctuary for old and retired elephants who
were no longer needed in the circus. I think we all have an intuitive
connection to animals of this world but elephants are probably the one’s I
feel the most closely aligned with for reasons I cannot explain.

The story is told where they brought a elephant named Shirley into the reserve and immediately their became the most raucous outburst between Shirley and another elephant. Despite steel bars separating the two mammoth creatures, they ended up bending the bars in their attempt to contact each other. Despite days passing the two elephants continued the aggressive behavior and finally one of the caretakers decided to check into the history of both animals. The records surprisingly indicated that both elephants had been in the circus together over 20 years before! They were simply so excited to see each other that they could not contain their need to be close to one another.

In watching this moving story on youtube on Shirley and Jenny, it makes me ask the question: When was the last time you spent quality time with a friend that even came close to the ending scenes of Shirley and Jenny?


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