Supplement Safety: 3 Ingredients to Avoid

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Do you take vitamins? Would it surprise you to know that a whopping 89% of Americans take vitamins? Until recently, there has been a lack of acceptance in the medical community of nutritional supplements. And yet, despite that, the popularity of vitamins continues to grow every decade. And for good reason. Vitamins are essential to adequate nutrition and optimal health! But, not all vitamins are created equal. That’s why we’re here to talk about what to look out for when choosing a vitamin. It’s okay to be choosy. We actually recommend it. Supplement safety is critical when it comes to your health and well being.   


Supplement Safety, “Let the Buyer Beware”

In spite of vitamin popularity, the old saying, “let the buyer beware,” still holds true. Vitamins are far more regulated by the FDA and FTC than you are told. There have been many times that a product was removed from shelves due to contamination or fraudulent labeling. And, yes, it’s true that a nutritional product cannot be regulated in the same manner as a drug. But, that shouldn’t allow the naysayers to fabricate negative comments about regulation.  
The ingredients of most vitamins sold in nutrition stores are relatively safe. But the ones in the big box stores and drugstores need a critical eye before purchasing. Low quality equates to no benefit, and this, to me, is a great concern. 
Now, on to what to look for (or, rather, look out for) when you are shopping for vitamins. The following three ingredients indicate that the company does not have a philosophy of producing a natural, non-synthetic, pure supplement.  
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The 3 Most Concerning Supplement Ingredients

  • Talc: Yes, plain old fashioned talc powder.  If you see talc, run from that product. Talc has many health side effects on the organs of the body.
  • Dl-Alpha Tocopheryl: The second worrisome ingredient is Dl-Alpha Tocopheryl. This is a synthetic Vitamin E. To me, there is no excuse for utilizing this low quality and worthless ingredient.   
  • Folic Acid: And lastly, folic acid. Synthetic folic acid may be deleterious to the 50% of the population who carries the MTHFR gene. Folic acid disrupts the inner workings of this gene which filters down to health concerns, including emotional imbalances.   

Our Promise to You

Our health is too valuable to take any chances with it. Demand transparency, ethics, and quality on all nutritional supplements before purchase. Supplement safety is of utmost importance.
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Nutrition World’s expert staff works tirelessly to demand lab results regarding purity. We also require full disclosure on every single nutritional product we offer. All to ensure our customers get the best quality products available.
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