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I want to ask you to try to imagine for a moment that you owned the world’s largest factory and it produced a lifesaving product that most of the world relied upon for their existence.

In order to produce the quantity and quality of this special item, your factory employed millions of trained workers that operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I am sure you fully understand that as long as the majority of your quality workers are energetic, organized, working hard and operating as a team than there are few problems in your factory and all the world is happy. One day however due to a change in management a large percentage of your happy quality workers are replaced with ineffective lazy workers who really don’t care about their work or the final product. Before long the whole factory is losing money and the people of the world suffer because the products they relied upon are no longer effective at keeping them healthy.

This story exemplifies how the bacteria in your entire intestines is most likely similar to this factory filled with very ineffective and potentially dangerous individuals.  Before living in the age of antibiotics and chemicals most human intestines contained mainly healthy flourishing good workers due to consuming cultured products and farm fresh foods that contained millions of healthy bacteria, and also because no one ate or drank products that killed the good bacteria as we do now.

Probiotics are the name of these friendly workers in our small and large intestines and we have so many of these in our gut that they weigh almost 4 pounds in an adult.

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These special organisms have many functions for us but the most important focuses on these 3.

  • Produces approximately half of all the brain chemicals that control anxiety, depression and metabolism.
  • Produces 40% of all the immune cells that are key to fighting infections and disease.
  • Prevents the pathogenic bacteria from taking up residence in our bodies such as food poisoning, stomach bugs and parasites.

I hope you can see that any hope we have of being healthy must address replacing our friendly workers back into our bodies and reduce significantly the ineffective lazy ones.

Due to 40 years of the health food industry preaching daily on the benefits of pro-biotics in humans, 4 years ago major firms started to embrace the product and now we all see dozens of ads for products available at all drugstores and mass market stores.   Every day at Nutrition World I get asked the same question, “which pro-biotic is best”.  The science of pro-biotics is vast and confusing because we are dealing not with a single vitamin or herb but a living organism.  I can’t go into the science in this short article about why I believe the vast majority of pro-biotics sold today are of very low quality but I do want to educate you on a brand that is truly unlike any other sold in the world.

Dr Ohhira, who is a microbiologist from Japan, has developed an incredible probiotic that is produced in ways unlike any other.  95% of all probiotics are simply bacteria that are grown as quickly as possible using very inexpensive foods such as milk and processed to maximize profits, not quality.  These companies remind me of puppy mills who raise dogs in inhuman ways simply for profits without any concern for the long term consequences.
Dr Ohhira is completely different because he first ferments the bacteria by feeding it fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and seaweeds.  Dr Ohhira uses only the purest waters from a special region of Japan and at no time uses any ingredients or processing methods that compromise these little guys.  As soon as the bacteria are starting on their 3 to 5 year journey of maturing, Mozart is played to them constantly for all their years.  I know this sounds a little crazy but remember that these are living creatures and everything responds either positively or negatively to their environment and music can only help in ways we may never know.  Dr Ohhira is 100% vegetarian, no dairy, no gluten, Non-GMO and 100% chemical free.  When all of the fermentation is finished it produces an amazing product that contains 12 strains of lactic acid bacteria, probiotics, bacterial enzymes, organic acids, and bacteriocins.

Due to the unbelievable steps taken in Dr Ohhira’s probiotic and their philosophy to not compromise on any of the steps over the 5 years of producing this product, it is expensive but I believe well worth every penny.  Occasionally some users will initially have minor reactions such as bloating, mild laxative or slight constipation and all of these are signs the beneficial bacteria are remodeling, detoxifying and improving the gut environment.
My take home message is that if you take really great care of your intestines friendly workers, they will repay you with far greater abundant health than you ever dreamed possible.

The following link will show you the actual factory producing this incredible product.


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