The Keys to Weight Management: Life Extension Lecture with Dr. Michael Smith

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I am very excited to announce the online availability of our incredible lecture by Dr. Michael Smith with the Life Extension Foundation. Nutrition World is dedicated to drawing some of the most notable experts in the United States to speak here at our Wellness Corner and Dr. Smith is no exception. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Smith on my radio show a few months ago and knew that we needed him to speak to the customers of Nutrition World for a personal lecture.

I answer questions daily regarding weight loss and there is no “magic diet” or “magic pill” that will hopefully allow weight loss. Our focus needs to shift to regaining proper blood chemistry in order to achieve our weight loss goals. The reason we are not fat at 20 years old is because we have not lived long enough to ruin our chemistry. The great news is that we now know how to reestablish the blood values that can turn the hands of the clock back on metabolism.

Dr. Smith explains the relation of cortisol, inflammation and other factors that we must be aware of in order to optimize long term health and proper weight.

I hope you enjoy this lecture as much as everyone who attended.

May great health always be in your control.

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