The Unknown Treasure About Health That I Learned From Dr. Mercola

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We were pleasantly shocked when we learned that the natural health guru, Dr. Joseph Mercola, would be speaking at our conference.

I arranged for Cady and I to have a personal meeting with Dr. Mercola before the lecture and it was very exciting to meet this legend.  However the high point was when we listened to his lecture which focused on the true cause of disease and poor health which I will share with you today.

I have been learning theories on aging and disease since my intense studies on health began in the 70s. I believe that experts have addressed many of the mechanisms of poor health for decades but failed to recognize their truest underlying causes, until now. Dr. Mercola spoke of how even world class experts today do not recognize the concept you are about to read about. I feel so fortunate to learn something that will not probably become standard knowledge for at least 10 or more years!

I apologize for the lengthy information that follows but it is vitally important to grasp these concepts if your desire is to stay healthy, vibrant and age gracefully. I will list the tips in bold if you choose to learn these first but I encourage digesting the entire article at some point.  

Here is possibly the answer we all have been searching for as to the true reason for disease, sickness, fatigue and aging. It is summed up with the following word:


To make this concept simple, imagine the following:  You are cooking a huge pot of vegetable soup.  This whole bowl of soup represents a single cell in your body.  As you stir the soup you observe many types of vegetables in the liquid. Now imagine that each vegetable in the soup represents different components of your cellular structure.  One of these special vegetables we will name mitochondria. The mitochondria makes something called ATP which is the energy or fuel for that cell. Mitochondria acts in exactly the same way as the electric stove produces heat energy to cook the soup. Mitochondria produces energy within your cell to power it by turning your food into a fuel called ATP. This is not unlike the electricity your stove requires to heat and cook your soup. The only difference is that the stove must get its energy from an outside source and your body actually produces it within if the mitochondria are healthy. Lastly imagine how much heat energy your stove would produce if you tried to power it using flashlight batteries! This, my friend, is what happens to your body with damaged mitochondria. YOU cannot be healthy and feel well with damaged mitochondrial function!!!

The mitochondria makes something called ATP which is the energy or fuel for that cell. Mitochondria acts in exactly the same way as the electric stove produces heat energy to cook the soup. Click To Tweet

damaged-mitochondriaThe first question you will be asking is exactly what damages my mitochondria and what can be done to preserve it. Knowing this information allows you to produce a game plan to create vibrant optimal health for many years to come. Dr. Mercola spoke eloquently at the lecture on mitochondrial damage and what we can do to greatly minimize the horrific effects of this on our long-term health.  

Carbohydrates:      Dr. Mercola states emphatically that carbohydrates burn dirty in the body. This would be similar to running diesel fuel instead of gas in your car.  Healthy fats and moderate protein burn clean. (clean burning equates to far less damage to the mitochondria).  I have pondered for decades why many total vegetarians look older than their years and this is exactly the reason!  (excessive carbohydrates even from nutritious foods)

Eating before bedtime causes mitochondrial damage: Allowing extra time for your cells to not process the glucose from foods.  This lowers the damage potential to the mitochondria. The word for this is called intermittent fasting.

Excess Iron:  Iron in even the slightest excess causes large amounts of free radical damage within the cell. Testing ferritin levels regularly is the only way to determine your level. Performance Medicine at Nutrition World offers all blood testing Monday through Thursday. Dr. Mercola believes the ferritin number should not be above 8.  

Statin Drugs:  To quote Dr. Mercola,  “Statins are the worse thing you can take unless you want to die early!  The reason is that they directly damage the mitochondria.”  

Exercise improves and supports healthy mitochondrial function. Sitting is the new smoking because research strongly indicates that inactivity for as little as 2 hours is changing body chemistry to the negative.  Dr. Mercola spoke that he has a desk where he stands instead of sitting.  

Eat Real Food: Foods today have over 10,000 food additives that are legally approved. This approval was by the food industry and in no way ensures safety. Clean wholesome unprocessed foods must be the primary choices you make.

Coconut Oil: Remember earlier the statement that healthy fats burn cleanly?  Coconut is one the cleanest fuels available.  I now use it in my morning breakfast drink.  To learn about my breakfast drink that I have discovered gives me long lasting energy, great digestion, even blood sugar levels and takes only 5 minutes from start to finish, click here.

Trans-Fat: The older fat called trans-fat that is now been removed from foods killed millions due to the damage to the body. This fat is now being replaced by alternative oils that are even worse! You CANNOT TRUST what you are being served or sold. You must become an informed consumer if you are concerned with your health.

Ubiquinol: The newest form of Coenzyme Q-10 called Ubiquinol has a powerful influence on optimizing mitochondrial function. Dr. Mercola stated emphatically the importance of taking at least 100 mg daily.  Other nutrients that support the health of our body are L Acetyl Carnitine, Vitamin D, probiotics, Lipoic acid, K-2, Egg shell calcium and Lypo-somal vitamin C.  

Ketones: Teaching the body to efficiently burn ketones for fuel instead of glucose may be the most important concept in mitochondrial health.  Ketones are the fuel source when carbohydrates are not readily available. This comes from rearranging your meals to consist of what I have stated for years as to the ideal diet:  High healthy fats-Moderate amounts of clean protein-lower levels of carbohydrates. Nutrition World has offered a Ketone type of diet named “Ideal Protein Diet” for 6 years where a client is monitored and guided weekly to achieve weight loss. I have witnessed hundreds of clients reach their weight goals that have failed at all other methods. This diet completely eliminates food cravings and requires no exercise!  For more information Click Here.

Dr. Mercola was also excited to announce he is working on a new book that focuses on the concept of mitochondrial effects on health, disease and aging. The name will be “Why you get sick and how to fix it”.  

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