This Nutrient is a Must Have for All Over 40!

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There are very few times in the past years I have made a blanket statement to my readers that recommends everyone take a certain nutritional product but today is the day! Long ago the biochemist Richard Passwater Phd coined the term, “biochemical individuality” to describe that all of us are born with great differences in our nutritional needs that vary as much as 10 fold in some instances compared to the next person which means that it is sometimes difficult to generalize about health or nutrition needs.

However there is one nutrient that EVERYONE over the age of 40 must have to maintain optimal health and eating healthy will not maintain high levels of this special nutrient.

Many of you have heard of CoQ10 for its health giving properties of energy, protection of cells, boost immune system, reduces chance of fatty liver, retards signs of aging, boosts your heart health, helps maintain optimal blood pressure and helps offset the side effects of muscle pains by users of statin drugs. The problem with CoQ10 is that the human metabolism requires 17 steps to turn CoQ10 into its active compound called Ubiquinol and none of us know for sure if we are able to convert this CoQ10 to its active form. However now science has finally stabilized the Ubiquinol molecule in a capsule so we no longer have any concerns about guessing if CoQ10 is being absorbed or not.

Ubiquinol also has research showing that the telomeres, (the ends of chromosomes contain telomeres and these are the key to aging) are maintained more effectively when we take ubiquinol and this alone would be reason enough to consider this product.

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The video is Jack Nickolson describing in 30 seconds the symptoms of statin drugs!






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