Omega-3 vs Omega-6

The evidence in support of supplementing with essential fatty acid continues to grow, but the key is optimizing the ratio between omega-3 and omega-6. While these essential nutrients aren’t produced naturally in the body, they still play an important role in our health and must be obtained through our diets or supplementation.

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Ed Jones  00:04

Hey everybody, welcome to Nutrition World's Health Tip of the Day. These videos are designed to help your health help you heal and keep you from falling prey to so much incorrect and biased nutrition advice. I want to warn you about something today with omega three. If you are getting omega threes that list omega six on the bottle, stop. Omega threes have a magic ability to do things that we have to have to have excellent health, which is reduce inflammation. Guess what omega sixes do? In excess, they will feed inflammation and they will displace your omega threes. That means they push them away. And so when you look at cultures around the world and all these studies, the ratios between omega three and omega six is about a one to one, two to one ratio. These are people who are extremely healthy. Guess what Americans have? A 20 to one, omega six to omega three. It is horrendously, unhealthy people to have excess omega six. It's found in junk food and in some healthy foods like nuts, but we want the ratio to be correct. So do not purchase omega threes that are bragging about having omega six. It shows you they don't know what they're doing. Thank you. I want you all to have a robust health so you can live a robust life. Thank you.