Shut your mouth… How to Stop Mouth Breathing for Better Health and Blissful Sleep

Don’t be a mouth breather. Open those nostrils and suck in that sweet air. The studies are in and fast/mouth breathing can actually be detrimental to your health. We can train ourselves to regulate our breathing during the day hours, but what about when we sleep? There’s a simple solution, just tape your mouth shut.

  • Deeper Sleep
  • Better Dental Exams
  • No Dry Mouth
  • Less Anxiety
  • Fewer Sinus Issues

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Ed Jones  00:05

There's been times I have felt similar to Christopher Columbus who explored the New World, but I chose to venture and explore into all types of healing theories instead of jungles for the purpose of achieving superior health. A long time ago, I came across a passionate physician from Russia, Dr. Buteyko, who discovered the insane harm that comes to our body from two simple mistakes: fast breathing and mouth breathing. Dr. Buteyko taught his patients how to minimize this damage by regulating their breathing through a series of practice exercises. This works fine during the day, but what about at night where we aren't able to consciously control our breathing? Mouth breathing, especially at night is devastating to our physical and mental health. The reason it changes the ratio of carbon dioxide and oxygen and that occurs with mouth breathing. Dr. Buteyko suggests a simple but effective way to control this. Somewhere around nine years ago, I started started following his advice, mouth taping. Yes, putting a small piece of special tape on our mouth will prevent us from mouth breathing at night. This can be life changing. I assure you from the day I began mouth taping, I felt deeper sleep most of the time, no dry mouth, better dental exams, zero sinus issues, less anxiety and many other positives I can't even explain. In fact, I'm so confident of the benefit of mouth taping that if I left for a trip and forgot to take a turn around and go home. I place a small piece of this special tape that we sell at Nutrition World, only in the middle of my lips. This gives me openings on the side to prevent claustrophobia, and allows me to actually cough or even answer the phone if I need to. Over the last 42 years, I've witnessed that in the majority of individuals, optimal health is accomplished through a series of small steps, not one large one. Mouth taping is one of these tiny steps, and yet almost as virtually unknown to anyone. I promise you that nose breathing will will reap huge benefits to you within one single week. I challenge everyone to join me in being the explorer of safe, effective methods in a natural health revolution. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We'll see you next time.