Which Door Will You Choose?

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Moments like the one I am about to write about increases my confidence that a true “shift” is slowly occurring as to health and wellness.

Dr. Wolfson, cardiologist, has a wonderfully wise approach to health and healing. Dr. Wolfson understands fully that the best care for the body is to support and encourage it’s own systems of healing rather than the status quo of forcing the body with pharmaceutical influences.

The following article by Dr. Wolfson, “Which door will you choose” encompasses the situation we all will face as to our own personal journeys to health. He writes of how he opened his clinic next door to a conventional medical practice. Observing the patients daily, it became crystal clear to him that the office was a revolving door of drug reps and patients receiving pain pill or antibiotics.

Read carefully how his philosophy is radically different than mainstream approaches. I ask you after completing the article to take a minute to absorb his information and see if you connect with the common sense of Dr. Wolfson’s philosophy. If not you may question if you have succumbed to the programming and marketing wizardry of the selling of health care which is really the marketing of drugs.

Which Door Will You Choose?

Thank you, Dr. Wolfson



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