Why You Must Stock Elderberry in Your Medicine Cabinet

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When a friend of mine spoke to me about a local man who grows and distributes a totally natural product that has studies showing multiple health benefits, I paid attention.

However when I heard the man’s title was Chief Passion Officer, I had to look further due to his quite unusual name.

Hippocrates, (the father of medicine) called the herb Elderberry his medicine chest! Chief Passion Officer is one of those special passionate individuals that is driven to excellence by almost a higher calling and that is why I am excited to tell you about his company and the Elderberry supplement products he produces.

WebMD has an article on elderberry and elderberry supplements that states it contains natural substances called flavonoids. They seem to help reduce swelling, fight inflammation, and boost the immune system.

Elderberry, also known as Sambucus nigra, has been used for its medicinal properties since at least 400 BC (Krawitz 2011; Roxas 2007i). The purplish-black fruits of the elderberry plant are a rich source of antioxidants, and have long been considered a folk remedy for the treatment of influenza as well as the common cold (Ozgen 2010; Zakay-Rones 2004). Even today, elderberry extracts are commonly employed as an alternative to conventional drugs for the management of a variety of viral infections and are recognized as supportive agents against common cold (Krawitz 2011). Researchers believe that elderberry fights colds by activating white blood cells that engulf pathogens. The German Commission E (a therapeutic guide for the safety and efficacy of herbal products) has identified the constituents of elderberry as effective for the relief of colds (Roxas 2007i).

The purplish-black fruits of the elderberry plant are a rich source of antioxidants, and have long been considered a folk remedy for the treatment of influenza as well as the common cold

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The best elderberry supplements on the market

The products that Norms Farms produces, called Elderberry Life products, are quite superior, in my opinion, to most elderberry products offered on the market today. The reason is because of his tremendous attention to details in every step from start to finish. Details such as working to insure proper soil, picking the healthiest plants, harvesting correctly to preserve the active compounds, packaging and shipping. Large companies simply cannot know this detail on their products because they usually only purchase raw materials from many unknown sources and price is normally the motivating factor…Captain Passion Officer will never use Elderberries unless they meet his high standards and that is important to me on these types of products.

Elderberry Life offers what I consider the ultimate quality and finest tasting Elderberry to be found anywhere. His products include Elderberry Jam, Elderberry Jelly, Elderberry Aid, and Elderberry Juice. I feel totally confident that the active ingredients are preserved by his methods and taking one of his products daily to maintain health or having it ready if you feel under the weather is an idea I highly recommend. Any time you can use safe and side effect free remedies to address the occasional bouts of seasonal issues, it is a wise choice. The 3rd leading cause of death in this country is prescription drugs so we must constantly be vigilant of this fact and not forget the risk when we consume synthetic drugs especially when their may be an alternative. For more information visit Elderberry Life’s Website.


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